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Name Responsibility
J. Beck IT specialist trainee, application and pipeline development
N. Bello González Project Lead Scientist, data calibration, curation & dissemination, high-level data, internal and external scientific collaborations, workshops and training events
S. Berdyugina Project PI, internal & external collaborations, high-level data
P. Caligari Project head, technology development and realization, compute & data infrastructure, network, budget & personnel responsibility, head of IT
V. Gangadharan High-level data tools development
A. Gorobets Data curation & analysis, high-level data development
M. Günter System IT, compute, infrastructure and data servers, network,
P. Kehusmaa Project manager & senior systems architect, project plan development, governance, risk assessment
M. Knobloch OT interfaces and data injection (hardware side), meta-data standards, non-scientific IT, instructor for trainees
S. Müller IT specialist trainee, application and pipeline development
C. Schaffer System architect, lead software developer, OT data injection (software side), ML, AI, Web-applications
T. Yakobchuk System architect, high-level data & data management