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Team Members

Bello González, N. (Leading project scientist)
data calibration, curation and dissemination, high-level data, internal and external scientific collaboration, workshops and training events

Caligari, P. (Project head)
Technology development and implementation, compute & data infrastructure, network, budget and personnel responsibility, IT head

Diercke, A. (Project scientist)
Data curation and analysis, high-level data products

Gangadharan, V. (Project scientist)
Development of high-level data tools

Gorbachev, I. (Project scientist)
ML, development of high-level data products

Gorobets, A. (Project scientist) 
Data curation and analysis, development of high-level data products

Günter, M. (System IT)
Data processing, infrastructure and data server, network

Hochmuth, A. (IT, SDC)
Infrastructure and Data Server, Rucio, Kubernetes

Kehusmaa, P. (Project manager and lead system architect)
Project plan development, governance, risk assessment

Schmassmann, M. (Scientist)

Yakobchuk, T. (Project scientist)
System architect, high-level data and data management, tool development, data import