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GRISView is a visualization and analysis tool to work with GRIS/GREGOR calibrated datasets as
distributed by SDC website. It is written in Python with GUI made using Qt cross-platform framework.

GRISView features include:

  • Quick panning and zooming of maps and spectra
  • Multiple POI (point-of-interest) and ROI (rectangle-of-interest) for easy inspection and comparison of spectral profiles across the map
  • Distance measurement between map points in different units
  • Interactive image color bars to show histograms, adjust image contrast, set and customize color schemes
  • Building profile plots along selected directions
  • Generating contours for maps using color schemes and interactive levels adjustment
  • Browsing spectra using the mouse and keyboard, quick navigation through spectral lines and markers
  • Relative wavelength scale for quick difference evaluation at selected cursor position
  • Showing input and derived Stokes parameter plots with Quiet Sun continuum normalization
  • Support for single-map observations and multi-map time-series, including IFU and spectroscopic mode data
  • Viewing observation file headers
  • Exporting spectral and map plot view area as images
  • Saving and restoring working sessions

For more info and download, check out: